“Virvel” Estonian National Dance Group – Sweden

Number of members:  Virvel has just celebrated its 5th anniverary and has about 20 active members.

How was the group formed?

There had been talk of establishing a new Estonian folk dance group in Stockholm for a while and, in 2013, dancers Elo Madissoon and Ingrid Linnas, together with musician Toomas Voogand, formed the dance group Virvel. The group’s leader and teacher is Ingrid Linnas.

Notable and most recent performances:

The Virvel group includes in its repertoire dances which were danced by Kassari (the previous Estonian national dance group in Stockholm), choreographed dances from Estonia and traditional dances from the islands of Pakri. Virvel members wear their national costumes (which they made themselves for the 2014 dance festival in Estonia) with pride. Virvel has taken part in Estonian/Swedish dance festivals in Haapsalu and they have also performed in Gotland and Italy. The pinnacle of their achievement is, however, the dance festival Estival Folk, which they organised in February of this year for EV100 (Estonia’s centenary) and in which over 100 dancers from 4 different countries took part.

What message would you like to pass on to your audience/ your fans?

Have a good time and enjoy this extravaganza of Estonian culture!

What are your expectations of the European Estonian Song and Dance Festival?

We are looking forward to being part of a larger group of fellow Estonian performers

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