“Tuuletütred” (Daughters of the Wind) – Holland

“Tuuletütred” (Daughters of the Wind) is an Estonian dance group based in Holland, which was established in 2012. The group now comprises 20 local Estonians who practise and perform well known folk dances for various events.

The first performances were at the Estonian School in Holland and at Midsummer’s Day and Shrove Tuesday celebrations. The group developed, had more rehearsals and, in the autumn of 2016, gained the expertise of Teet Killing, who became their instructor. Teet lives in Estonia but travels to Holland for up to six weekends a year to oversee intensive dance practices. When he is not there, the group members practise on their own on a monthly basis.

‘Tuuletütred’. Instructor Teet Killing at the front

In the recent past, the group has performed at a variety of events in Holland – in Amsterdam at Christmas and also in Kampen for the Hanseatic festival, in The Hague and in Soest on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Baltic Society in Holland. In 2018 the programme included three events in Amsterdam before going to Pärnu in Estonia in August to participate in “The hundredth night” (linked with the centenary of Estonian Independence). Two smaller events have taken place in Holland before coming here to the “Fifth European Estonian Song and Dance Festival” and soon Christmas awaits!

‘Tuuletütred’ with children of the Estonian School in Holland

The next important event for ‘Tuuletütred’ is the 2019 Estonian Dance festival in Tallinn, with many hundreds of dancers and thousands of onlookers.

The group are dressed in authentic national costumes representing many parts of Estonia. Each costume has its own story which the dancers relate to the public. The nature of the costumes gains much interest from the public wherever they perform.

Teet Killing comes from the county of Pärnu. Over the years he has participated in dance in many ways – as a dancer, as a dance festival stage manager and as a dance instructor for all ages since 1986.

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