“The Trondheim Trolls” – Norway

Number of members:

15, of which 8 to 10 are active members. The group’s members come from completely different backgrounds. Some have lived in Norway for decades but other, younger members have come to Norway to find work or to study. Despite these differences, everyone is able learn from each other and there is a true sense of unity among the members of the group.

How was the group formed?

The group was formed in  September 2015 by Kadri Wist to give the Estonian ladies around Trondheim an opportunity to dance together.

Notable and most recent performances

The group’s greatest achievement to date was taking part in the 2nd Ladies National Dance Festival in Jõgeva, Estonia in June 2016. The group also performs in and around Trondheim, taking part in cultural festivals and Christmas markets. They have performed three times in the city centre of Trondheim on an outdoor stage and they have also performed at an old people’s home on the outskirts of Trondheim. On other occasions, they have organised workshops, where they have introduced Estonian folk dances to both children and adults.

The group rehearses once a month and they are currently looking for a permanent base for their training sessions. The ladies come from far and wide, some travelling 20 to 30 km or more, and are usually trained by Kadri Wist but twice a year, they organise intensive dance workshops where dance trainer Marius Aave comes from Tartu, Estonia to teach them. These workshops are a real highlight and the group looks forward to these immensely.

Do you have a message for your audience?

We aim to give our audience a bit more than just an attractive and colourful spectacle. Although our authentic Estonian costumes are designed to be attractive and eye catching, we like to make our audience think a little and we also hope to encourage them to dance. Performing authentic Estonian folk dances is great fun but we also like to add a bit of showmanship by explaining who we are and where we come from.

What are your expectations of the European Estonian Song and Dance Festival?

We are looking forward to the great experience of dancing with other Estonian folk groups in Leicester and we hope to learn some new steps and gain a few new tips from our fellow dancers. We will be taking lots of energy with us to Leicester which we hope to share with the other dancers and the audience.

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