“Iirised” (The Irises)- Ireland

The Estonian embassy in Dublin and personal contacts between Estonia and Ireland played an integral part in the formation of the Estonian ladies’ folk dance group ‘Iirised’ (The Irises). The group was first established in December 2011. The ladies who joined the group came from very varied backgrounds and indeed, their reasons for joining were also very diverse but they all had one aim in common – they wanted to keep Estonian culture alive.

Previous experience of folk dancing was not essential for joining the group – the main criterion was a desire to dance! Over the last seven years, Iirised have performed for Estonians living in Ireland, taken part in international events in Dublin and they have also participated in two national folk dance festivals in Estonia.

As time has moved on, our dance group members have evolved and formed a strong friendship group.   Through the medium of dance, these ladies have become increasingly close to one another celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and weddings whilst also supporting each other through difficult time. ‘Iirised’ is a folk dance dance group but, above all, they are friends!