“Estonian Folks”

“Estonian Folks” (EF) was founded by the London Estonian Society (LES) folk dance group and has brought together several Estonian folk dance groups in Europe and further afield. The aims of EF include performing together and representing Estonia at a variety of international festivals across Europe.
So far EF has performed at festivals in Hungary, Spain and Montenegro as well as Estonia. Last year they were welcomed to a two-day dance camp on the very small Estonian island of Kihnu.
The leading light behind EF is Marje Remmet who has been teaching the LES folk dance group since 2013. From her early years, she has danced in a variety of styles, though folk dance has been in her heart since primary school.

The majority of EF members are Estonians living abroad, though some participants come from other nationalities, ethnic groups and from different countries. Regardless of gender, age and nationality EF welcomes new members who are able to pick up quickly a basic knowledge of Estonian folk dance steps. The main requirement is an interest in dance, with a partner or alone. Friends and fans of Estonia – you are welcome to join, take part, and at the same time find new acquaintances.